Sunday, June 7, 2009

Map of 1934 Canoe Trip of Arthur Post as described in his book, "Huck Finning the Amazon"

The portion of the canoe trip which Arthur Post and his two companions made on their trip from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon in 1934.
Traveling the Amazon’s entire length had never been done before by even the most experienced explorers let alone three inexperienced, na├»ve eighteen year olds, their friends, teachers, neighbors, parents and everyone else admonished.

These three greenhorn kids – Eddie, Gain and Art, responded by doing it. They hiked, canoed, rafted, and boated the greatest river in the world from its source high in the Andes Mountains to its terminus at Belem do Para on the Atlantic Ocean. Not the first white men to do so, but the first men ever to do so!

The odds against their successful completion of this wild-eyed, pipe dream were enormous – at least a million to one (or in this case a million to three).

Huck Finning the Amazon by Arthur Post is their extraordinarily epic story: beyond any doubt, the greatest adventure achievement of the twentieth century.

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