Sunday, June 7, 2009

Huck Finning The Amazon

Arthur J. Post with his wife Mary Ellen Post and a copy of his book "Huck Finning the Amazon" this week in central Mexico. Art Post and 2 other explorers were some of the first men to make a continental crossing of South America from the high Andean Mountains to the mouth of the Amazon River at Belem du Para on the Atlantic Ocean. We recently visited Arthur Post in Mexico - he is alive and well. Art Post has an amazing gift for recalling dates, names, places and events.

Arthur Post and his two fellow explorers, Edward Kellog Strong III, and Gain Allen John (both now deceased) traveled in canoes with the Machienga Indians of Peru in 1934. That is 75 years ago! Currently, the Travel Channel is featuring the Machienga Indians in the series " Mark and Olly: Living With the Machienga".

Arthur J. Post's story is unbelievable - along the way in his trip, he actually visited our grandparents' ranch in Peru and has photographs that confirm it. It was wonderful to meet Art Post, and to read his book.

"Huck Finning the Amazon" - I found my copy on

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